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Очки на спиральном блокноте

Who needs to buy an expensive scanner when you can scan your documents and do so much more from the comfort of your smartphone. 

Scanner’ is a new scanning, editing, and document sharing mobile app designed to enable quick and easy scanning of all types of documents. It will be the FIRST scanning app on the market that will use AI  to direct the user's attention towards the most important parts of any agreement/document, which he/she should read before signing. To illustrate, an example where a user needs to sign a tenancy agreement. 

He/she will simply scan the document using OUR SMART Scanner app. A summary will be automatically provided with: terms of the lease, the monthly rental payment amounts, cancellation terms, and any other critical clauses; i.e. users will be presented with key paragraphs, which are much easier to read and focus on than the alternative of being presented with a very long legal document.

There’s so much to do with Scanner! Enjoy!

 Scanner Docs App Limited

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Thank you!

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